My key ideas about life. They will get revised, but they are the ones I stick to through the years as I self-reflect.

  • Support a balanced and sustainable lifestyle on Earth. Care about the planet and each in the most empathetic way, otherwise we will not survive.
  • Care about your close ones and family. They come first. We never know what kind of coincidences and connections happen in life – cherish the poeple surrounding you.
  • Do good and good will come back. The reward may be delayed, but it will follow.
  • Speak less, do more. Listen first. Stay humble and minimal. Get rid of clutter in life. Self-reflect. Sometimes I burst with speech and this becomes completely irrelevant, but I will then stop and process.
  • Take care of yourself, on many levels. Listen to your gut.

What is life about?

Life is about living to thy own, but being beneficial for others. Don’t be solely focused on archievement, live for the moment, for the process. Whatever happens, it can be overcome. I believe in Karma and the circle of life, in both biological terms and philosophical – deeds come back, as well as history goes in circles. We are what we do.