You may wonder why this website is named like this and where the symbol of Zen comes from.

In the world of hexadecimals, the symbolic representation 0x11 translates to 17 in decimal notation: (11)₁₆ = (1 × 16¹) + (1 × 16⁰) = (17)₁₀ The idea of a personal webpage was born when I was 17 years old and has been supported by me from there, when I was intrigued by the different numbering methods used in computing and was choosing my educational path. As years went, I realized the naming had no real sense, but it accounted for my exploratory spirit for hacking around and making things simple – back then through complexity.

The round drawn circle is a Japanese symbol of an ensō (円相, “circular form”), usually drawn by one or two uninterrupted brushstrokes. It’s a quintessence of Japanese minimalism and, being incomplete, symbolizes the ongoing movement and imperfection of things, or simpler – the agility of life. In ancient drawings it’s often depicted as Ouroboros, a dragon eating it’s tail. It speaks about the concept of an eternal return, an idea close to my heart and my philosophy of life.