For a software engineer, it’s extremely important to work in a collective of professional, enthusiastic and engineering-driven people. No matter of the business specifics.

Here’s why:

  • Most evident: one learns from other’s experience, therefore becomes better implicitly. There’s always someone who’s better, faster, stronger, and that a plus for less experienced around. It’s true not only for specific areas of business but rather for life in general. If one recognizes this by reflection, it’s also almost enough to move forward educating.

  • One’s ideas get adopted faster with strong team acknowledgment. Knowledgeable team members understand the message one “sends” and add to the idea, brainstorming it further on. Just throw in a few logs in the fire and never be afraid to speak evident things: maybe they’re not that evident to others.

  • One’s skills are recognized in strong teams. The feeling that even a piece of knowledge can be helpful to somebody can seriously boost self-esteem. I’ve gone through interviews where parts of my CV where just skipped. A devastating feeling - these skills were something fundamental and they didn’t even ask?