Timofei Sablin

Platform engineer enthusiastic about AI and developer experience

Jenkins input()'s semantics

Jenkins can be quite tricky when you need to define conditional logic within the dsl, but not specifically in script {} block. The latter allows for any plain groovy code, so that’s quite easy. But sometimes you need team interaction; in such cases it’s useful to resort to the input() method.

Breathing the engineering aura

For a software engineer, it’s extremely important to work in a collective of professional, enthusiastic and engineering-driven people. No matter of the business specifics. Here’s why: Most evident: one learns from other’s experience, therefore becomes better implicitly. There’s always someone who’s better, faster, stronger, and that a plus for less experienced around.

Digital Nomadding for Office Mouses

Think of it — it sounds easy to leave the office for remote work when you work in IT: all things are done via the Internet, you have no stoppers, no barriers. If you’re not a pharmacist, in need to start serving clients at 9:00 at the counter - just pack your luggage and go anywhere.

Wireless AP in Fedora Linux with Xbox

Some time ago there were some troubles with my wifi connection, since the workplace is located in the most remote part of my home. I managed to get a powerline adapter, after which my main workstation became exposed to the full ISP provided bandwidth. Then an idea came up to also connect the Xbox (in the same room), but it appeared inconvenient to do it with cables.

Benefiting from No-AMSDU in Mikrotik

Setting up a Mikrotik as a wireless SOHO router at home is a relatively easy task for even a seasoned system administrator. Setting up 802.11 protocol to perform fast, fluent and adapted to the environment is an advanced thing that requires some in-depth knowledge of the field. Some time ago I purchased a used RB951Ui-2HnD and set it to work in default mode.

Message from the CEO

I recently changed my job and became suddenly exposed to a whole new world of engineering, with new standards, people, practices and tools. This overwhelming new world of information amuses me, making think about large problems for days. This, in turn, brings solutions which took hours to aggregate by collecting data, probing and analyzing how something works.